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Precautions for mattress purchase


2022-04-13 09:23

What are the precautions when buying a mattress?
Sleep is related to people's health. The quality of mattresses directly affects people's sleep. When purchasing mattresses, you should pay attention to the following matters:
1. Look at the quality of the mattress from the product logo
Whether genuine mattresses are brown mattresses, spring cushions or cotton mattresses, the product logo has the product name, registered trademark, manufacturer's name, address and contact number, and some are also equipped with qualification certificates and credit cards. The vast majority of mattresses without factory name, address and registered trademark sold on the market are fake and shoddy products with inferior quality and low price.
2. Judging mattress quality from fabric workmanship
The connection of high-quality mattress fabric has the same tightness, no obvious wrinkles, no floating wires and jumpers; The seam edge and four corner arc are symmetrical, there is no rough edge, and the dental floss is straight. When pressing the mattress by hand, there is no friction sound inside, and the feel is crisp and comfortable. Poor quality mattress fabrics often have inconsistent paper seam tightness, floating thread and jumper, uneven seam edge and four corner arc, and uneven dental floss.
3. The advantages and disadvantages of spring soft mattress from the perspective of internal materials
The number of springs used for spring mattress and the diameter of steel wire determine the soft and hard of spring mattress. Press the surface of the spring mattress with bare hands. If the spring rings, it indicates that there is a quality problem with the spring. If it is found that the spring is rusty, the lining material is worn gunny bags or flocculent fiber products opened from industrial leftovers, the spring soft mattress is of inferior quality.
4. when purchasing cotton mattresses, beware of "black core cotton"“
"Black heart cotton" is a synonym for inferior cotton floc. "Black heart cotton" does not meet the relevant national health standards. Sleeping on the "black heart cotton" mattress often will damage your health.
Sleeping on an inappropriate mattress for a long time will affect the health of the spine. Many people's back pain is also caused by not choosing the right mattress. Many consumers believe that the harder the mattress is, the better, or the softer the mattress is. Some elderly consumers believe that the harder the mattress, the more comfortable it is to sleep, while many brands in the market are promoting soft mattresses.
So, is the mattress the harder the better, or the softer the better? The reporter asked the person in charge of a number of mattress stores. They all said that the softness and hardness of mattresses is a point that consumers need to pay attention to when choosing to buy mattresses. The ideal mattress should be moderate soft and hard, which can perfectly support every part of your body and support every part of the body evenly according to the human body curve and weight. Too soft or too hard mattress will destroy the natural physiological radian of the spine.
How to measure the softness and hardness of mattress
How about moderately soft and hard? The simplest measurement method is: lie on your back and stretch your hand inward to see if there is a gap between the three obvious bends of the neck, waist, buttocks and thighs; Then turn over to one side and try the same method to see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress. If not, it proves that the mattress is closely consistent with the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hips and legs during sleep. Such a mattress can be said to be moderately soft and hard. Everyone has different preferences for the soft and hard mattresses. Some people like to sleep in hard beds, while others like to sleep in soft beds. What hardness mattresses are good mattresses? Thirty years ago, there was a discussion in Germany about whether a hard mattress or a soft mattress was good. That discussion attracted the participation of the German Bachelor of ergonomics and led to the study of human sleep posture. The result of the study is that both hard and soft mattresses are harmful to human health and sleep, and the correct mattress should be a high elastic mattress. In other words, when the force applied to the mattress is large, the mattress should fall much more and produce more support to the human body, and vice versa. This is because the human body is a curve. Only on a high elastic mattress can the human body and back be supported, especially the waist should have strong support, so that all parts of the human body can relax and have a full rest. Due to the shallow S-shape of the human spine, a support with appropriate hardness is required when lying down. Therefore, an elastic mattress is very important to the comfort of the human body and the quality of sleep. Choose a mattress can not simply rely on self feeling, too soft or too hard is not appropriate, but according to the difference between height and weight. Light weight people sleep in a soft bed, so that their shoulders and hips fall into the mattress slightly, and their waist is fully supported. Heavy weight people are suitable for sleeping on a hard mattress. The strength of the spring can give each part of the body proper, especially whether the neck and waist are well supported. You can refer to the height, weight and mattress soft and hard comparison table, which will be more scientific.

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