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Brand Advantage

National recruitment of gold partners

We are more professional than you think

Self-owned 20000m, standardized plant; (eeds Co. Ltd., UK). Signing comprehensive technical cooperation;

We are more professional than you think

Reject the small business and choose real power


We always insist on higher production standards

IAF International Quality certification/environmental certification/health certification, each of which is closely related to you and your family


Real stuff. Customized sleep. Professional floor

We have a strong r&d team and marketing team led by the famous British designer Steven Erico.


We insist on advocating true green environmental protection

10 green environmental protection certification; Confidence Textile Certificate; National Polyurethane Association certification

"3 + 1" high quality service system

Three Supports

A Custom

A customization

Comprehensive upgrade of three service experience systems

Shenzhen Royal-Leeds Mattress Co., Ltd

Address: No. 2008, Shennan Middle Road, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen

Southwest Operation Center: Nanxing Industrial Park, Sanxingdui Town, Guanghan, Deyang city, Sichuan Province

Tel: 400-825-8288

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