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About royal leeds

EVEA Yirina, a sub-company of Shenzhen Huangting Ritz Company, has accumulated over the past 30 years and joined hands with the British royal brand for 100 years to create a new business model of "whole house sleep intelligent manufacturing" and "whole bedroom solution" bedding. Ritz staff partner, in southwest China manufacturing high quality soft beds, mattresses and home textiles for Chinese families to improve the quality of sleep service.

EVEA· Whole house sleep wisdom maker, specializing in the research and development of high-quality sleep system, we take environmental protection, health, comfortable products as the center, to create a full set of young fashion and healthy and comfortable sleep program. EVEA brand and design team firmly believe: "all design, for a better sleep experience."

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We always insist on higher production standards

IAF International Quality Certification/Environmental certification/Health certification Each of these matters to you and your family


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The company has a professional designer team, in line with the design concept of professional customization and excellence, pay attention to the artistry, beauty, safety and durability of products, and constantly explore and innovate, design satisfactory

Mattress and sleep

In a survey conducted in 2009, 59 healthy people were asked to sleep on their mattresses for 28 consecutive nights and on new, medium hardness mattresses for another 28 nights.


Replace the mattress

If after a night's sleep, you get up in the morning with physical discomfort, backache, backache and other symptoms, you should check the mattress you sleep on when you eliminate the causes of physical fatigue and disease.


Misunderstanding of mattress maintenance

Generally speaking, the effective service life of spring mattress is generally about 10 years. In other words, the mattress after ten years of use has undergone certain changes in its elasticity due to the long-term heavy pressure on the spring, resulting in a drop in the fit between the body and the bed, so that the human spine cannot get the most effective support and is in a curved state. Therefore, even if there is no local damage, the mattress should be replaced in time.


Mattress maintenance

Sleep is the foundation of health. How can we have healthy sleep? In addition to life, psychological and other reasons, having a "Hygienic and comfortable" healthy mattress is also very important.


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