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Everything is designed for a better sleep experience.



Everything is designed for a better sleep experience.

EVEA· Whole house sleep wisdom maker, specializing in the research and development of high-quality sleep system, we take environmental protection, health, comfortable products as the center, to create a full set of young fashion and healthy and comfortable sleep program. EVEA brand and design team firmly believe: "all design, for a better sleep experience."




It is the first time that the brand put forward the concept of "whole house sleep intelligent manufacturing", and is committed to creating a whole house sleep system combining healthy, comfortable and young fashion. At present, domestic brands have four series of products including EVEA bedding, INES high-end customized mattress and EVEA HOME textile.


The senior management of the company paid a return visit to Europe, and engaged in a Loyal-Leeds Co. Ltd, a top British home design company. Signed a comprehensive technical cooperation agreement, and hired the famous British designer Steven Erico as the chief designer, the European sleep concept, craftsmanship and Chinese spine, height, weight, living habits, etc., combined to produce high-quality bedding suitable for Chinese people.


EVEA entered China, officially registered the Chinese brand "Yirui Yina", and established a r&d and manufacturing center in China with Shenzhen Huangting Ritz Mattress R&D Co., Ltd. to serve more Chinese families.


EVEA is the first brand to use tungsten manganese steel wire and spring material for mattresses


EVEA has entered the Asia-pacific region and developed rapidly.


When HerMajesty Queen Elizabeth ii ascended the throne, EVEA mattress was used in Leeds castle.


EVEA took the lead in the use of natural latex in mattress production;


In 1920s, Mr. William Kent, the founder of EVEA brand, aspired to provide people with healthy and comfortable sleep products, and formulated product concepts for his revolutionary new products: Ease, Value, Excellent, Active. Since then, THE EVEA brand has always adhered to this concept, and launched high-quality mattresses in succession, so that EVEA mattress in The Queen Elizabeth II era of Britain for people to popularize comfort and value of life concept.


EVEA brand was founded in Leeds, England in 1923


Whole house sleep Intelligent manufacturing · Mori Oxygen generation technology

EVEA core technology materials——EVEA-OXYGEN Negative oxygen ion

Theme: Create 8 hours of natural oxygen bar every night

Negative oxygen ion has the reputation of "human life vitamin" in the medical field, which can improve the oxygen content of air and enhance human immunity. Nowadays, the concentration of negative oxygen ions in urban rooms is 100 /cm³ on average, and even as low as 40-50 /cm³ in building offices. Therefore, staying in a space with low negative oxygen ion content for a long time will make people feel dizzy and bloated. According to the standard set by the World Health Organization, the content of negative oxygen ions in fresh air should not be less than 1000~1500 /cm³, while the content of negative oxygen ions in general urban parks and greenways is in the range of 400 ~ 1000.

EVEA has implanted the core technology EVEa-Oxygen into the mattress design, enabling the mattress to have the basic function of negative OXYGEN ions, creating a natural OXYGEN bar for you for 8 hours every night.

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