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Introduction of natural latex mattress


2022-04-13 09:23

The natural latex mattress is the rubber SAP collected from the rubber tree. Through the exquisite technology, combined with modern high-tech equipment and various patented technologies, it produces mould, foaming, gel, sulfuration, water washing, drying, molding and packaging technology to produce modern green bedding articles with many excellent properties and suitable for human body's high-quality and healthy sleep.
Natural latex mattresses are mainly divided into three zones, five zones and seven zones. The meaning of zoning is to design mattresses according to the gravity generated by various parts of the body during human sleep, and better support and protect the body through the soft and hardness of different areas, so as to achieve the effect of high-quality sleep. Zoning is not the more the better, but determined by your sleep habits. Theoretically, zone 3 is more suitable for people who are used to sleeping on their back, while zone 5 is more suitable for people who are used to sleeping on their side. Because when sleeping on the side, the body has more curves and needs more different elastic support. But from the actual feeling, the difference between the two is not big.
The latex of natural latex mattress comes from rubber tree juice, which is extremely precious, because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc latex juice every day. It takes at least one day to one and a half days to make a latex product. It is a time-consuming and precious product. The latex mattress made of latex has high elasticity and can meet the needs of people of different weights. Its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. The contact area of latex mattress with human body is much higher than that of ordinary mattress, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight, has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture and has the effect of sterilization. Another major feature of latex mattress is no noise and vibration, which can effectively improve the quality of sleep.
Advantages of natural latex mattress
1. Ultra high elasticity.
Ultra high elasticity and fit of natural latex? Can latex mattresses adapt to people of different weights? Naturally adapt to any position of the sleeper? Can the fit with the body reach 95%? The fit between ordinary mattress and body can only reach 60-75%? Natural latex can also improve the waist acid and insomnia caused by sleep.
2. Orthopedic function.
Latex mattress has 3-5 times more contact area with human body than ordinary mattress, can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of human weight, and can automatically adjust the bad sleeping position, so as to relax and recover the spine, so as to have orthopedic function.
3. Breathable and bacteria proof.
The latex mattress has a comfortable and breathable structure, which can prevent bacteria from growing and spreading in the air of the bed. It has a good ventilation and dust-proof structure. It can keep the bacteria in the air of the bed and keep the bacteria in the air of the bed cool and dry. So sleeping on latex mattresses in summer will be much cooler than ordinary mattresses? Isn't it muggy lying on the mattress? Irritability and difficulty in falling asleep.
Mattress softness and hardness
There are great differences between Chinese and Western consumers on the soft and hard requirements of mattresses. Chinese consumers prefer harder mattresses, while Western consumers prefer soft mattresses. What is the soft hardness of the mattress? This is a common concern of consumers. Science has proved that soft mattresses will reduce the support of spine, and the comfort of hard mattresses is not enough, so too hard and soft mattresses are unfavorable to healthy sleep. The softness and hardness of mattresses directly affect the quality of sleep. Compared with hard wood mattresses and soft sponge beds, spring mattresses with moderate softness and hardness are more conducive to good sleep.
Elastic mattress is very important for human comfort and sleep quality. The distribution of spring mattress's supporting force to the body is relatively uniform and reasonable, which can not only play a full supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable physiological curvature of the spine; Use spring mattress to sleep more stably, improve the overall sleep efficiency, and have a better physical comfort and mental state after waking up. Using a spring mattress can get a higher quality of sleep than using a wooden or sponge mattress.
Evaluation mattress
People's general requirements for mattresses are beautiful appearance, flat surface, dry, breathable, moderate thickness, not easy to deform, durable, easy maintenance and so on. The standard of professional evaluation of mattresses is to analyze the functionality, comfort and use safety of mattresses. The factors affecting the function of mattress include: stability, fixity, weight, friction characteristics between cushion and cushion sleeve, thickness, appearance, durability and retention characteristics; The factors affecting the comfort of mattress include: pressure distribution, shear force / friction, humidity, temperature, stability and other factors; The factors affecting the use safety of mattresses include: pressure distribution, stability, shear force / friction, temperature, humidity, durability, infection source control, mite prevention, cleaning, flame retardancy, etc.
In addition, mattress materials require density, hardness, resilience, resistance, encapsulation, ventilation, heat dissipation and waterproof. The mattress produced should meet the direct consumption needs of users, such as self feeling, maximum allowable contact interface, posture, mobile decompression ability, skin condition, after-sales service and so on.

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