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Development history of mattress


2022-04-13 09:23

1. In 1881, in a small town outside Houston, Texas, a cotton binding machine craftsman named Daniel Haynes began the production of a cotton plug mattress.
2. In 1900, the United States Simmons, bagged spring mattress;
3. At the beginning of the 20th century, danlop, rubber foam cushion;
In 4 and 1932, Mario Beriki, Italy, used polyurethane foam as cushion.
5. During the Second World War, Louis corani, Germany, also designed an oval mattress, which was divided into soft, medium and hard parts according to the body pressure of different parts of the human body lying on the mattress, so as to keep the human skeleton in the best state.
6. An "active response spring system" has also appeared abroad, which has changed the usual spring structure in the past, making people more comfortable and elastic for a long time; Some spring mattresses are also combined with polyester foam, and the soft and hardness can be selected by people.

Craftsman,Foam rubber cushion

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